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Bama, the catalogues of our productions

In this page you can find the links to our catalogues in PDF format. You can examine the various collections and call us for any kind of requirement. We remind you that every object can be personalized according to your needs.

NEWS 2014 (only Italian version)

Decori Toscani:

I Colori:

Il Tulipano:

Il Gallo Verde:

Il Raffaellesco:

L'antico Deruta:



Terracotta cuddles: terracotta lamps for interiors and outside
"Terra da fuoco": heat resistant majolicas and earthenware, pans, cooking pots and table items
Bama coats your home: majolica tiles for floors and walls
Personalized terracotta: articles for festivals, wine and food events, historical commemorations, etc.
Galestro: flower-pots
Zaffera collection
Lusitano collection
Catalogue – Furniture items
Catalogue – Gift goods
Catalogue – Kitchen
Catalogue - Breakfast
Catalogue – Recreation room
Catalogue – Middle Ages reproductions
Catalogue – Renaissance reproductions